Origami Tulips Garden With Can Pot




Do you want a tulips garden in your table with no need watering it?

Then... let make Origami Tulips Garden With Can Pot.

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Step 1: Materials

We will need:

  • Beverage can
  • 8 Folding papers (green= 4, other colors= 4)
  • Cuter

Step 2: Tulips

Take your papers (except the green). Fold it like you can see on the picture.

Note: At step number 13, you need to blow it through the hole in order to make it inflate.

Step 3: Leaves

Fold your green folding papers like you can see on the picture.

Step 4: Pot

Get the empty can. Make a long incision.

Step 5: The Garden

  • Put the leaves into the incision of the can.
  • Put the tulips to the leaves.

Step 6: Done!

Ta daaa... Now you have an Origami Tulips Garden With Can Pot.

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