Getting Start With Xadow




Beginner friendly, Arduino compatible, This is Xadow.

For more info, you can find an [introduction here](

Code with Xadow!

Design with Xadow!

This is a tutorial on how to Build your first Xadow program.

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Step 1: Change Config

### Config

Fist, change some config files on Arduino IDE, don't worry, it's easy.

Files with path are list below.(Arduino-1.0.1 maybe different depends on your version)

* Arduino-1.0.1/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/USBCore.cpp
* Arduino-1.0.1/hardware/arduino/boards.txt

Download our new files and replace:

* [new USBCore.cpp](
* [new boards.txt](

For Mac Lion user, your Arduino folder may not list under Document/Arduino, open your Application folder, find "Arduino", right click , then "show package content".

There will be a path way to "hardware". Find board.txt, replace it(or you can back up original file by rename it to board-old.txt).

For windows users, it will esaier, just find the Ardunio Folder!

Step 2: Install Drivers(windows Only)

We made some screenshots in Win7 step by step.

Download the [Driver File] and save it, unzip it.

When you plug Xadow into your computer, where will be a pop up. Ignore it.

Open Device Manager with Start menu.Right click and choose Update driver.

When asked to install automatically or from a specific location, select "Browse my computer for driver software".

Choose "Search for the best driver in these locations", and check the box "incude this location in the search". Click the Browse button and navigate to drive you have downloaded. Select the drivers folder an click OK.

"Successful updated" screenshot, if not please contact us.

Step 3: Blink Test

## Blink test

First, connect your Xadow via microUSB.

Like Arduino UNO, there is a LED on board.

Checkout our code at github:

or you can simply download zip file.

Put this fold under your library.

From the Tools menu, choose Board.

Then choose Port.

Then choose our example: UserLed.

Upload it.

Then you will see the green Led blink.

Step 4: Xadow Projects

Xadow Wearable Creation

* LED module
* Xadow Main Board

Xadow Metal Frame Watch

* OLED module
* Xadow Main Board
* Xadow RTC

Xadow presure & temperaure logger

* Xadow Main Board
* Barometer module

Concept smart watch, LOL.

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    3 years ago

    do u know if the old Xadow modules work with the new board?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This basic set up of Xadow, thx for contribution~