Introduction: PALLET SOFA DIY

Photo of the realization of a sofa in pallet with armrest to manufacture in 2h.


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Step 1: Steps 1 Cutting the Seat

Take 2 pallets and cut with jigsaw just after half.

Overlay the 2 pieces of palette cut out and screw them together.

Step 2: File Assembly

Take one of the cut parts in step 1 and screw it a little slanted as in the picture. (help yourself from a wall to maintain it)

Step 3: Armrest

Cut 2 pieces of palette as in the photo to make the armrests and fix it with screws there where you can.

Leave the back of the armrest a dozen centimeters behind, this will serve to keep the folder at the end.

Add palette paddles on the top and front of the armrests as well as on the top of the backrest.

Step 4: Sofa in Finished Pallet

Skip a little sanding and it's over



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    9 Discussions

    Excellent job done!

    Now everybody can give it a try and see what should be the end result!

    What weather protection product do you use for final finish?

    1 reply

    For the moment I have not put finishing product but I will surely put some stain

    Nice !

    With as many pallets used how much does it weigh.

    1 reply

    It is quite heavy but I can not tell you exactly how much. I use 4 pallets

    Great looking pallet project! Thanks for sharing