PCB Holder With Helping Hand

Cheap PCB Holder with helping hand using old mobile holder.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

Parts needed:

  • Mobile holder
  • Paper clip
  • 3x Old discs
  • Super glue
  • 2x Nut and bolt
  • Electrical wire terminal O-type
  • Crocodile clip
  • Flexible wire

Tools needed:

  • Dremel
  • Drill machine
  • Screw driver

Step 2: Clip Assembly

Cut the unnecessary parts and fix the clip as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: The Base

Cut the base. Glue 3 discs together. Finally glue them to the base of the mobile holder.

Step 4: Making Helping Hand

Take a lower guage wire so that it holds smaller parts and crimp the wire as shown in pictures.

Step 5: Attaching Helping Hand to PCB Holder

Drill a hole to the stand to fix the helping hand as shown in pictures.Another helping hand can also be added. Finally PCB Holder with helping hand is ready to use.

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