2X DIY PCB Helping Hands for Soldering!




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The parts:

A sliding ratchet (vehicle toolkit) I already had one but if you don't you can purchase on for about $25 on ebay:


2 metal poles I found inside a printer

2 boxes

2 alligator clips a big one and a small one for small and fragile pcb's

Screws (so the box won't fall down under the weight of the pcb's. I put 1 kilogram [2.2 pounds] of random screws I had in each box)

Everything was hot glued and surprisingly it's strong enough

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Reply 3 years ago on Introduction


But it's too complicated for me and I don't need so many alligator clips


Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

I just use the two on the ends facing forward in the picture usually. I typically hold a part in one, and a wire lead in the other, in order to solder them together. Or if a part is too big to fit into a clip, then I hold it in that vise, and the lead in one clip.

I found a single helping hand was pretty awkward to use by itself. Because adjusting one clip, the other attached to it tended to move. So for me the two clips on independent arms works well.

But being able to adjust the pair together is pretty handy too. That way I can adjust the whole solder job to the best angle for me to do it.

The whole rig was pretty easy for me to make. This recent addition to my electronics bench took me considerably longer to do if you want to Wow something.


There I would tend to agree with wow. Sometimes I want a bit heavier vise when I am working on some electronics related things. I just used it to fix my oscilloscope ground clip for instance. I had to open the crimp up on it so I could attach a new wire.