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Are you ever bord in class or at the office just make a pocket toy all you need is
1. -your hands.
2.-2 papreclips. (any size will do bigger paperclips will be eeasier to work with though.)
3.-optional some type of tape.

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Step 1: Materials

just what you should need to make this. ( i think.)

Step 2: Prepare Th Paperclips

straiten out the paper clips.

Step 3: Make the Ring

bend one of the paperclips into a ring.

Step 4: Put It Together

take the ring and thread the other paperclip through.

Step 5: Put It Together

start twisting the un-circular paperclip around itself making a wrap. (leave space for the ring to jiggle around.)

Step 6: Optional Part

put a strip of tape around the part of the circle that overlaps itself. ( this will make it stronger.)

Step 7: How to Use.

just hold one of the parts the ring or the other and jiggle it around

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