PVC Pipe Letters G and H



Introduction: PVC Pipe Letters G and H

Would you like to build any letters out of PVC Pipe? Now you can! Just with these little easy steps! Let me show you how you can build a G and a H!

Step 1: Parts

You'll need PVC Pipe, PVC connectors (90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, and a T), a ruler, a PVC cutter, and a pencil!

Step 2: First

Cut the PVC pipe into 6, 1.5 inch parts! And 5, 1.5 inch parts!

Step 3: FIrst Let's Make the G!

Connect the PVC pipes to the connectors! Connect the 90 degrees with the other 90. 

Step 4: Next

Put the 45 degrees together making a U shape letter!

Step 5: Next Connecting the Whole Thing Together!

Connect the 45 degree PVC to the 90 degrees! And flatten the PVC out, so the parts are all on the same plain. Ta-da you've made the letter G!

Step 6: Now Onto the Letter H! First

Get the 5, 1.5 inch parts and two T connectors

Step 7: Next

Take one of the T connectors and put two PVC pipes into the bottom and top holes. Then do the same but add another pipe into the side of the T

Step 8: Finally!

Now connect them!! YAY! You've made a H!

Step 9: Done!

Now you can show off these letters to your friends! :)

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