PVC Pool Toy Holder

These are photos, items needed and rough costs of a PVC above ground pool toy holder I made today.  No more than $15 dollar in total costs for all items.

Rough Costs
$10-$11 Dollars in PVC
$1.50 Rubber bumper (pipe insulation)
$1.00 Dollar store dish drain (Six 1/2 inch drain holes drilled)

Things Needed
basket (Shallow for small pool toys deeper for * see below).
zip ties
PVC pipe cutter
PVC pipe adhesive

What I did:

1. Find appropriate basket to use.
2. Measure PVC around basket.
3."Pre" fit all PVC tubing with basket inside.
4. Glue PVC together.
5. Drill drainage holes in bottom of basket (not too big or things will fall through)
6. Zip-tie PVC padding around desired areas.
7. Fit in pool - adjust as needed for a good fit. (I left the back PVC un glued so I can swivel the back for easy removal).
8. Put toys in!
*---For the ADULT Version get a deeper basket and you will have a pool side "BEER Holder"!

Painting will come later...Mocked everything up so family can see first. 

9. Next step sand everything down, prime and paint a nice color ("Black")!



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