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Introduction: Painting on Burlap

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Have you ever thought about painting on burlap for your home decor?  I have and that is what this project is all about.  It is a great way to add different textures in to a room and add interest to the room.

Step 1: Items Needed for This Project

Items needed for this project:

I started with a 12" x 12" piece of burlap.
Contact paper with the cut out design.
Transfer tape.
Fabric paint.

Step 2: Cut Out Desired Design

I used my Silhouette SD to cute out this flip flop design. Weed out the parts where you want the paint to be applied.

Step 3: Add Transfer Tape

I am not the neatest person in the world.  I added the clear transfer tape on top of the design.

Step 4: Apply Design to Burlap

After doing so, I then removed the backing from the contact paper and placed the design on the burlap.

Step 5: Paint

I used a scruffy paint brush and painted metallic purple on to the burlap.

Step 6: Paint Polka Dots

I used a smaller flat brush to paint in the green circles and the band on the flip flops.

Step 7: Another Painting

I did this painting earlier to coordinate with the flip flips.

Step 8: Coordinating Paintings

They will be cute framed and hung by each other.  Very simple to do.

All the paint to dry.  Follow the manufacturer's directions.  I would say to allow around 24 hours.  The final step is to run a hot iron over the completed painting to set the paint.

It is now time to enjoy your painting!

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    4 years ago

    Could you tell me what type of paint you used? Was it acrylic?