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Introduction: Pallet Wood Paper Towel Holder

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  • I made this super simple DIY Pallet Wood Paper Towel Holder for my latest project video,it is a beginner project anyone could try using hand tools or power tools.

The video is on my YouTube channel BCDesign

Items you will need for this build include:

  • 1 pallet board 26.5" long x 4" wide
  • 2 brass hooks
  • 1 piece of broken broom handle or a dowel 1" x 13"
  • milk paint of your choice
  • 1 paint brush
  • Screws for the brass hooks and mounting the holder to wall
  • Wall plugs (depending on material holder being mounted too)
  • Wood glue
  • Water based lacquer
  • Scroll saw / fret saw
  • Mitre saw / hand saw
  • Power drill / Hand drill

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Step 1: Cut Your Wood!

  • You will need to have the most common type/size of paper towel holder you use at hand to make sure these measurements will work for you,I am using an average size paper towel roll most I have used will work on this project except the giant super size rolls.
  • Cut 2, 4" pieces off your main board
  • The back piece should measure 18.5"
  • Cut the 1" dowel /broom handle down to 13" long
  • All the components are now cut to the proper length

Step 2: Cut Out the Slots for the Dowel

  • The next step is to cut out the slots for the dowel to rest in
  • follow the drawing above to layout the cut
  • Make sure both lines are parallel, find the center point and use a compass to make the curve at the end of the slot
  • Cut out the first slot using your fret saw or scroll saw
  • Use this first piece to mark out the 2nd piece and cut it also

Step 3: Mark, Cut & Drill the Back Board

  • I used a paint can to draw curves on both ends of the back piece
  • I then cut the curves with my scroll saw,use a fretsaw/jigsaw if you have no scroll saw.
  • Measure in 3.5" from each end of the back piece & put the the slotted side pieces against the line and mark each side so I would know where to drill for screws

Step 4: Mark & Drill Mounting Holes & Mark Position of Hooks

  • Measure in 1 3/4" from the ends of the back piece and draw a 90o line,this is the center line to place your hook on
  • Mark the screw position of the hooks,then make a 3rd hole for the wall mounting screw and drill a recessed pilot hole for the wall mounting screw
  • This will allow you to mount the paper roll holder to the wall then cover the mounting screw with the hook and screw the hook down tight.

Step 5: Attach the Side Pieces

  • Add some wood glue between the lines you marked for the side pieces
  • Use screws to secure the side pieces
  • Your paper holder is now assembled

Step 6: Milk Paint & Lacquer

  • I used powdered milk paint in a light blue grey color to paint the paper holder.
  • I mixed the paint with more water than recommended as I wanted to see the wood texture and grain through the paint
  • I used a water based lacquer over the milk paint.
  • Add a cute puppy to your project

Step 7: Drill Holes Wall Plugs and Mount the Paper Towel Holder

  • Add the wall mounting screws into the pre drilled holes and drive them in until they stick from the rear of the towel holder.
  • Put the holder against the wall level it and press against the wall so the mounting screws leave marks for you to drill holes for your wall plugs
  • You can also screw straight into your wall studs if you can find them
  • Mount the paper towel holder & add your hooks to cover the mounting screws!

Step 8: Finished!!

  • This was a really simple and fun project!
  • I made a video for my channel BCDesign, please watch thumbs up and subscribe!

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