Pallet Workbench

Introduction: Pallet Workbench

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Step 1: Get 2 Pallets...

Keep one pallet for the workbench's top, and disassemble the other one to use as the legs and support for the workbench. The hard part is taken the pallets apart and then getting the nails out of the planks... Assembly of the table it self is not that time consuming.

Step 2: Making Legs Out of the Planks

Take 8 planks and cut them to the desired hight as you require it for your comfort... Then put it together as in the picture either by screws or nails... After this step you should have your four legs for your table. Half way there!

Step 3: Pallet on Legs

Here we just screw the pallet onto the legs... Quick and easy! Pallet table assembled... Now for the final step to stabilize the table with supports.

Step 4: Supports

In this final step i took two pieces of the thicker crossbeams and put it as supports in between the legs like in the picture... I also took two more planks which i put at across these two to make sure the table is sturdy and solid. I might add a third or fourth piece so that i can store some of my equipment there also.

This project took about a day to finish...

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    Clever way to reuse pallets. I might have to try this.


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    4 years ago

    Good looking work bench... Thanks for sharing


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! I really enjoyed your posts as well!