Paper Bead Bracelet




About: I am a Software Engineer by day and an avid papercrafter by night. I enjoy all styles of papercrafting and have learnt a lot of new ones since I started seriously on my hobby in 2010.

This video shows how to make paper beads and also shows how to use them to make a bracelet. A fun and easy handmade gift for anyone!

Supply list below. I have the cutting file I used in the video as a download on my blog post at

* Beautiful Beads paper pad from Papertrey Ink (
* Skewer or reed stick to roll bead
* Glue stick
* Modge-podge and old brush to apply it
* Beading wire
* End Clasps
* Wooden beads, metal beads, seed beads
* Crimping beads
* Nose Pliers
* Strong scissors to cut wire



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