Paper Cup Speaker




Introduction: Paper Cup Speaker

Things you will need:

- 2 paper cups

- 1 toilet paper roll

- Double sided tape

- Scissors

- Blank or decorated paper

- Sharpies or markers (only if using blank paper)

- Black fine point pen

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Step 1: Marking the Toilet Paper Roll

Using the fine point pen, make dashes on the toilet paper roll the size of the base and width of your phone.

Step 2: Cut the Toilet Paper Roll

Using the scissors, cut along the dashes you made in the previous step to make a slot for your phone. You can adjust the hole at any time in order to fit your phone.

Step 3: Mark the Paper Cups

Using the fine point pen, mark a hole on the paper cup, the size of the toilet paper roll. Do this to both of the paper cups.

Step 4: Cut the Holes

Using the scissors, cut the holes you made on the paper cups in the previous step. Put the toilet paper roll into the holes, making sure they fit.

Step 5: Mark Length on Paper

Using the fine point pen, mark the length of the toilet paper roll onto the blank or decorated piece of paper. Roll the piece of paper over the toilet paper roll fully and using the pen, mark where it ends. Cut out the paper and make sure it fits the toilet paper roll.

Step 6: Decorate the Paper (optional)

If you used a blank piece of paper, decorate it any way you want... be creative!

Step 7: Attach to Toilet Paper Roll

Using the double sided tape roll, attach the decorated paper onto the toilet paper roll. After that, cut the paper where the hole was in the toilet paper roll. Make sure your phone still fits.

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