Paper Derringer: Internals, Workspace and the Mess That Ensues!




Introduction: Paper Derringer: Internals, Workspace and the Mess That Ensues!

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Hey guys! Today I have just got a little project that I have been working on for the past 2 weeks or so. It's a paper deringer that will hopefully in the end actually work. It will be made and is currently being made out of paper, metal, multiple types of glue, epoxy and more. I got the idea from YouTube when I saw Tacome1942's paper M1911. 

In the pictures you can see the derringer itself and how much has been made. The hammer has been made and is now being tweaked, the trigger is in the process of being made and shaped and the barrel is under construction and is currently being made. A lot of epoxy, paper, metal wire, and glue later I have this :D

Keep in mind that this may not fire and if it does it will be firing a .22 round that has been modified so it shoots a low pressure or a under proportioned amount of powder and the primer will most likely be from cap guns. If you want me to make a tutorial I may or may not make one depending on the requests. 

Have fun, create stuff, and in general be amazing.
Love TheRanga

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