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I will show you how to make a wrap for a strait-walled aluminum water bottle out of 550 cord/paracord.  I will be using some decorative knots that are fairly easy to master during the process.  We will be using a modified Chinese Good luck knot and a Cross Knot.

You will need the following:

-An aluminum water bottle
-Four  stands of paracord each measuring 112" inches (448" total) or shorter depending on what you do at step 6.
-A lighter (for melting the ends of the paracords closed)
-Scissors or knife
-About 4-6 Hours

Step 1: Choosing the Water Bottle

The water bottle I chose to use was a generic aluminum water bottle I got a Kohl's Department store for about $5 two years ago.  It was a good candidate for this project because it is strait-walled and has a large mouth.  Feel free to use one that has curves to it, it will just be a bit harder to get a tight weave on it since you will have to weave it while it is on the bottle.

Step 2: Starting the Weave

First we will start the Chinese Good Luck knot for the base knot.  Take the four strands of paracord and fold them in half.  Put a 90 degree bend in the middle and roll the ends up to make it shorter if you want.  Then Just follow the steps below.  Make sure cinch it up tight before continuing on to the next steps.

Step 3: Starting a Cross Knot

Now we have 8 stands.  

Step 1:  Take two of the strands that are next to each other and make an S shape out of the cord having the right-most one cross over the left strand bringing the bottom half of the S under the left strand.  

Step 2:  Bring the left strand underneath the S and feed it between the two cords at the very top to the left of itself.

Step 3:  Now feed the same end through the bottom of the S in step 1 and pull it tight.

Now repeat 3 more times to have 4 cross knots evenly spaced from the Chinese Knot.

Step 4: Starting the Diamond Pattern

Now that we have four knots that come over the bottom of the water bottle we can begin the diamond pattern of the weave.

Take the right strand and the left strand from knots that are next to each other and make a cross knot between them.  Leave about 1" between the knots to get a good symmetrical pattern.  Now repeat three more times again with the knots next to it.

Step 5: Continuing the Diamond Pattern

Now just keep repeating the diamond pattern until you reach the desired length that you would like.

Step 6: Crossroads

At this point you can do one of two things you can either end the weave here and just tie some cross knots closer together to have them squeeze the neck of the bottle or you can continue on and make a handle for it and also have a weave you can slide off if you needed to ever wash to bottle.  I am going to go with the latter of the two options.

We are just going to narrow the weave down to two 2 groups of 4 strands now for the handles.  To do this just take two of the strands and now treat them as one strand and make another cross knot further up.  I have 2" of cord from the small cross knot to the large knot to begin the handle.

Now just make the cross knots really close to each other and you will get a thick flat handle.

Step 7: Joining the Strands Together

Joining the strands together can be quit tricky.  What I did is combine two cross knots at the top.  After I tied two cross knots as you can see in the second picture I took all 8 of the cords and feed them up through the square hole that is in the center with the strands facing upwards.  I trimmed them evenly and then fused all of the ends together with the lighter.  Not as pretty as I wanted the finish knot to be but I could not think of another way to bring the ends together.

Step 8: Finished

And you are finished.  I decided to make that wrap removable just in-case you wanted to wash the water bottle and you would not have to wait for the weave to dry.  Thinking about it you could make that same type of  weave for a wine bottle or any other type of container if you wanted to tote it around with you.

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Question 1 day ago on Step 2

I can't figure out how to do the Chinese knot right if you could help me out please


2 years ago

I thin it would hep to use a ruler to space the knots about 1 inch apart to make it look uniform, great idea tho:-)

Lu Arcon

2 years ago

Muito legal. Precisava algo assim para meu cantil. Obrigado!

Got it buddy. Strange I can't find the message. But I read it in my email.
Will try to find it and reply you there.

Should I make the strap in continuity with the netting?
Or should I use a separate length of cord for it? I think the latter option would make it easier to determine length for shoulder sling but then what would I do with the edges of the netting?

1 reply

I didn't understand a step in calculation for the strap. Don't know how to explain

Wow Nathan thanks for the quick reply. I'll have to understand that strap calculation.
Sorry forgot to mention that my main bottle is a 64oz growler. The other bottle is about 25oz.

Hey. Did anyone who make it still come online here? I want to ask how much length would I need for a shoulder strap so I don't run out of cord as I reach the top

1 reply

Use a SHARP knife on a cutting board under it and cut it like a green onion. This will give you a really clean cut.

Scissors are another option, although you'll want SHARP scissors, not like the ones kids use in school, you don't stand a chance. Kitchen shears might work.

Not precise, but pretty B.A, cut it using paracord:

And he said 4 strands of 112". My bottle is thicker but maybe shorter. Is there a way to know what length strands I need before starting it? I'm really confused as I don't want to waste cord or run short of it. I want to make two pouches like this.
So suppose I get a 100 feet Paracord and cut into 4 strands of 12 feet for the big bottle and 4 strands of 10 feet for the smaller one. That'll leave me with 12 feet, can it be used to make shoulder slings for each one?

1 reply

You'll want at least 12 ft. His bottle looks to be about 22oz. If you are using a 32oz (e.g. Nalgene) you'll need more than 9.5 ft. For a 32oz, I would plan on 10 feet of cord just to do the netting. Also, one factor is the length between knots in the net. The short the length, the more cordage you need.

Depending on how you plan to finish the strap, you'll need a lot of line to do a 3 foot strap using cross knots. Take four 1 ft strands and tie all together with an overhand knot and then tie cross knots using a pair of strands as a single strand for the knot. This will simulate the final strap/handle. Once you have knotted all of the line, measure the result. Then divide the length of the strap you want (in inches) by the final length of knotted line you just made. The result is the number of feet you need for your strap. For example, if my four 1 ft strands made 4 inches of cross knot, and I want a 4 ft (48in) strap --> 48in (Strap) / 4in (test length) = 12 ft (of raw paracord for each strand). In this example I would add 12 feet to the amount of bottle net I need so I would cut four 22ft lengths of para cord.

Also, you'll likely want to bundle your cord like he did. It helps to make the net tying a lot easier, especially when the lines are long. Use a fast rope method. Check out this quick video for howto:


2 years ago

My wife used to do macrame a long time back. Viewing this project inspired her to start her hobby again and she made a similar bottle holder for our youngone.

Nice explanation and inspiring work.



2 years ago

Looks neat but nobody explained why this was done.


2 years ago

Reminds me of the cheeses you see hanging in some delicatessens.