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Introduction: PardusARM for Raspberry Pi

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Today, I am going to show you how to use Pardus operation system working on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 Pardus is an animal name from anatolia. Developers gave this name to it because Pardus is a very unique type of animal among other predators. On this instructable, I will show you how to use this powerful OS to do great things. While you are reading these sentences, I know that you are not very new for Raspberry Pi, and you got a board with you with other things such as keyboard, usb wi-fi dongle, mouse, sd card, and you tried Raspbian to run in Raspberry Pi. (Note I am talking about PardusARM v3 now based on Debian/Raspbian) (Very special thanks to Pardus ARM community in Turkey) (PardusARM v3 is published on 18.03.2016(d/m/y))

The need list:

1. Your computer (With an internet connection wired or wireless)

2. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 (With SD card, mouse, keyboard e.t.c.)

3. Ethernet cable (long enough from your modem to Raspberry Pi)

4. Micro SD card reader (Class 10 32GB would be cool)

5. Speaker (for Raspberry Pi's audio jack to hear a voice)


For Turkish document, check the attachment below.

Note: Here is PardusARM v1 and PardusARM v2 to download:

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Step 1: Download PardusARM to Raspberry Pi 2

Open your computer, connect to internet, open a browser then surf to:

find "indir" for download. If this is hard to do, can go directly to this adress alternatively:

On this adress there are two files that you can see:

1. 1.03 GB

2. 61B

Click on zip file to begin download. If your browser is Google Chrome, you can't be download the 1.03GB, if so, try to use Internet Download Manager program to download it very fast.

Step 2: Copy the OS to SD Card

Now, we downloaded Pardus to our computer's desktop. We need Win32 Disk Imager program to download in order to process this .rar file to our SD Card directly and easily. Hence, Raspberry Pi will understand that on SD Card, there is a new software as operating system.

Now, put on SD Card into your Raspberry Pi 2 board. Then give energy to your board.

Careful: If your Raspberry Pi device is running, do not insert SD Card into it for board's and SD Card's safety.

Step 3: First Time to Operate Pardus in Raspberry Pi

So, we put the SD Card into Raspberry Pi, then we gave energy, the system begins boot operation. If you didn't type anything from your keyboard, you can see an error like this:

lib_request_firmware: Error - Failed to request Firmware

We didn't attach ethernet cable from our modem to Raspberry Pi board. So, system couldn't update itself (Which is the automatic procesdure) from connecting to internet. If you wait more than 10 minutes, you can only see blank black screen. Let's do login on next step.

Step 4: Pardus Login

While you are on the screen as seen on the picture, click on "ENTER" key from your keyboard to activate Login Procesdure.

PardusARM GNU/Linux
pardusarm login: pardus

password: pardus

Note: These login name and password is for PardusARM version 3.

Here are useful quick commands to use now:


As the same with Raspbian OS, type startx to see the desktop.

nano /etc/wpa.config

This code is to modify Wi-Fi settings.

Step 5: Pardus Desktop = Hello Pardus!

Now, use startx code to go to the desktop of Pardus. Hey! A beautiful view of Istanbul welcomes you!

Step 6: Pardus Desktop Overview

These pictures are for overview. Enjoy.

Step 7: How to Give an Internet Access to Pardus

Use ethernet cable from your modem's LAN port to Raspberry Pi's ethernet port. (Picture 1)

You can verify your internet connection is available from the ethernet cable by opening the wi-fi settings.(Picture 2)

Also, you can connect to your static IP adress for reference. (Picture 3)

After plugged in the ethernet cable, reboot your Raspberry Pi board with available internet connection. Hit enter key from keyboard. login with ID: pardus password: pardus when you see yellow command line, input these codes and hit enter:

sudo nano /etc/wpa.config

On the editor page set the parameters like these:

ssid="**your SSID of your wireless modem**"
psk="**your wifi password"

You can modify these with arrow buttons on your keyboard.

To save the changes: CTRL + O then type E

You should see Wrote 12 lines now you saved succesfully.

CTRL + X to close the editor to return.

Now, type startx to open the desktop

Go to right-top side you can see the black logo and there is a white thing in front of that, right click on it >> Bağlantı (Connection) >> Wired Network >> Now you connected perfectly.

Go to default web browser from below panel >> click on world icon to run web browser >> type adress >> hit enter >> If you can see Pardus logo you are connected to the web!

Step 8: To Sum Up

Well done! You have got new operating system with you! Thanks for the Pardus Developer Community from 1990s to today, we have got an operating system full of freedom.

Also there is Raspbian operating system, but Pardus is more interesting and user friendly interface it has.

That's all !

Step 9: BONUS: YouTube Video Listener

On Pardus terminal, type this code then enter:


This opens YouTube video listeners, only audio. Check the video with English Subtitle from settings in the video!

Step 10: BONUS: Secret Online Radio Code

If you want to feel a little relax after all steps, type this code then enter:


Special radio based on good music:

Step 11: BONUS: Update Pardus + Enable SSH + Enable FTP + Change Password + Web Server + Screen Saver Pardus Matrix

If your board is running, shutdown first. Plug out the adapter. Then start the system by giving energy from adapter to Raspberry Pi board. Then, log in with pardus username and password. After that, type below code to configure the fundamental settings.

sudo pardus-ayar 

When you are in black screen this code is for changing audio line between HDMI or audio jack side use these codes:

sudo ses_hdmi
sudo ses_kulaklik

If you want to surf among the folders to edit, to delete or to copy use this code:

sudo mc

If you want to press ESC in any command line type this:


If you need to clear the code screen in black page type this:


If you want to be cool here is your surprise for your friends. Pardus-Matrix Screen Saver (press q to quit):


When we want to open CTRL + ALT + DEL use this code (press q to quit):


Listen the network with this code below:

sudo iptraf

Step 12: BONUS: Terminal's Popular Codes

Don't forget these popular codes:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade 
sudo rpi-update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Then reboot your system is required.

Step 13: BONUS: Pardus Web Server = Create Your Own Blog

First of all, we need to learn what the IP adress is by Pardus. To learn this use this code below then hit enter:

sudo ifconfig

inet addr is our IP adress. Go to your browser and type this IP adress. For example, mine is Now, on your adress bar, type this:

This will open a blog page. You can modify it after login with username: pardus password: pardus

Step 14: BONUS: Comparison: PardusARM ? Raspbian

PardusARM is founded in year 2014. Raspbian is founded in year 2012.

PardusARM is from Turkey. Rasbian is from England.

PardusARM's graphic details are very good. Raspbian's graphics are good.

PardusARM's changes can be saved easily, after reboot, no need to change system language and keyboard type. Raspbian's changes may not be saved easily, after reboot, system language and keyboard settings are the same as first time.

Loading PardusARM for the first time is fast. Loading Raspbian for the first time is moderate.

Sound quality for listening is very good by PardusARM. sound quality for listening is moderate by Raspbian.

PardusARM examples are not so wide. Raspbian examples are very wide.

PardusARM is Turkish based. Raspbian is English based.

PardusARM setup is 1.03GB. Rasbian setup is 1.30GB. (Raspbian Jessie Lite is 284MB)

PardusARM is not well-known. Raspbian is well-known.

Both PardusARM and Raspbian is on Debian Platform.

Both PardusARM and Raspbian can be used on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

Both PardusARM and Raspbian can be used on Raspberry Pi 3.

Both PardusARM and Raspbian support Python codes in terminal.

Both PardusARM and Raspbian support plug&play usb devices.

Step 15: BONUS: How to Load Arduino IDE on Pardus to Code Arduino Mega

This option is very cool in Pardus because you don't need Windows or MAC PC to program your Arduino board. Let's download Arduino IDE first from internet. Open your LXTerminal, and type this code:

sudo apt-get install arduino

If password is required use pardus to open every gate :)

After loading is finished, you neet to restart your Pardus. Go to right-top side and click on PardusARM then press Y to reboot.

After reboot, after login with pardus/pardus, type startx to enter desktop of Pardus, go to left-top sided PardusARM start >> Elektronik >> Arduino IDE

Now, everything is as usual with classic Arduino IDE usage. Plug in your Arduino board into Pardus, choose COM port number, and file >> examples >> basics >> blink code is appeared. >> Click on upload to upload your codes to Arduino board.

Step 16: BONUS: Article Is Published in Adafruit Blog

On 22.04.2016 (d/m/y) in website, this instructable as an article was published. Thank you Adafruit! Thank you Kelly to find my article is worthful ! Thank you PardusARM community in Turkey!

Step 17: BONUS: What You Can't Do With PardusARM

1. Using usb way to hear voice is not supported on PardusARM v3 yet.

2. Sharing your mobile phone's internet connection via usb cable to Raspberry Pi 2 PardusARM v3 loaded is not supported yet.

3. Wifi ssb wireless adapter is not supported to connect internet over-the-air is not supported on PardusARM v3 yet.

4. You can't set a window to left and right side, but you can set a window to top and bottom to divide screen with running applicaton windows is possible.

5. PardusARM v3 doesn't support PiCamera to take pictures yet.

Step 18: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.

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    Thank you so much. This is a very stable Linux distribution.

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    Good to know about the possibility to have a different OS on RPi board. Can you please summarize the advantages of Pardus vs Raspbian? Definitely some of them may fit certain users and make them use Pardus instead Raspbian. Thanks!

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    Bay Yolal

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    Your want is accepted. Here you are. Thank you very much.