Pen Barrel Refil Shooter Reuse Old Pen!!!!!!!



Introduction: Pen Barrel Refil Shooter Reuse Old Pen!!!!!!!

this tutorial shall help to reuse the empty pens

Step 1: Reuse the Used Pens to Make Arrow Shooter

this is a tutorial by which I can make a awesome pen arrow shooter

We can reuse the old pens to make a arrow shooter

U will need

A pen with a refil

Rubber band

For the video

Step 2: Editing the Pen

u may proceed to the next step of the refill is able to pass through completely

U will have to cut the tip portion of the pen to make it pass through

Step 3: Rubber Band Attatchment

u will have to attach the rubber band to anyone of the sides of the pen barrel with a tape or u maky make a trapping structure of the rubber band

In order to shoot u will have to pass the entire refill through the tube and then fit the rubber band fit in the rear portion sothat when the refil is released it shall thrust the refil

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