Pet Scratcher



Introduction: Pet Scratcher

Today, I'm going to be making a cat scratcher that cats can play with!

You will need:


Plastic Bottle

Cat treats

Pom Poms

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Step 1:

Wrap some of your string (or wool) around the top of the bottle, this is to make the next part easier.

Step 2:

Tie your pom poms under-neath your wool/string, if you don't know how to make one, check out my instructable about how to make pom poms! tuck the rest of the string under the wool (or string)! Open the bottle cap and add in some treats for you cat.

Step 3: Done!

Besides being easy to make, your cat can play with the bottle, when it gets bored, simply pour the treats out for your cat!

If you make it, please send a photo and comment below.

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