Pictures I Took Today(June 5th, 2012) of the Venus Transit

Introduction: Pictures I Took Today(June 5th, 2012) of the Venus Transit

These pictures aren't very good quality, but they are better than nothing.  These were taken in Buffalo, NY, USA from 6:00pm to 7:30pm EST.



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    Yeah, I tried to, but it's somewhere inside the camera. I'll try to maybe take it to Best Buy or something to get it fixed.

    You may be right. Just think, now we all have to wait another 150 years for this non-event to occur again.

    Dunno, but evidently you feel the rest of humanity stands to benefit from your wisdom. I'm here as a corrective. You have no idea what you're talking about; you're spouting nonsense in an inflamatory way, hence the "Troll" label. You're free to prove me wrong, of course. I won't object if you suddenly stop venting your spleen on other people's instructables.

    No. I just read your linked article and I still don't either. Tell me, how exactly did it impact you?

    I changed the cover pic, but on the one before, there are 2 black spots, along with others inside the lens. The big black dot is Venus.

    Are you sure? It is all rather remote to me. Fair chance I'll never go to Venus. I hear it is terribly hot there this time of year ...

    Nice job (far better than the pictures from my part of the world - it was cloudy).

    If not there is a little cleaning to be done, but great photos.. got Venus and sunspots. I got a few decent shots by mounting some #14 welders glass to the end of my telephoto lense on my DSLR.