Pine Petal Power

Introduction: Pine Petal Power

While trying to Re-Do a Water Drinking Bird toy, I got lots more movement than I planned.



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    I tried posting a video, but so far it's no go, on YouTube it is:

    Me too!

    This is GENIAL (if it really functions).

    Please add that time lapse video and notify us by PM.

    It would have to be a time lapse slide show with about 5 minutes between frames, wish I had an auto timer. One of my webcams has a security mode that might work. The model here will only push an ounce or two. You would have to gang 3 or more scales side by side for more power. For the wheel idea, There has to be a way to move the wheel with a magnet, gravity or something at the end of the stroke, so it can be pulled back on the return stroke. Also it is very slow to dry and return to dip. less yarn would help there.

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    Or maybe just put your stills camera on a tripod and take pictures manually, then stitch them together in movie maker or similar?