Pistachio Salad (Your Go-to Dish for a Quick and Easy Dessert or Sweet Tooth Craving)

Are you in need of a quick dessert to take as a dish to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Are you looking to fulfill your craving for something sweet? Try this easy Pistachio Salad recipe, its quick, easy, inexpensive and will satisfy you and your guests.

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Step 1: Materials and Ingredients (Pecans Are Optional).

Step 2: Measure 1 Cup of Crushed Pineapple and Put Into Bowl.

Step 3: Open Jello Box and Pour Mix Onto Pineapple.

Step 4: Stir Mixture With Fork Until Pineapple Is Completely Covered in Jello, and No More Powder Remains.

Step 5: Open the Two Whipped Cream Tubs and Mix in With Spatula Until All of the Pineapple and Jello Mixture Is Incorpoarted.

Step 6: (Optional) Measure Out 1/3 Cup of Pecans Into a Plastic Bag and Crush With the Measuring Cup Until You Have Little Pieces.

Step 7: Pour Pecan Pieces Into Cool Whip Mixture.

Step 8: Open Bag of Mini Marshmallows With Scissors and Pour Half Into the Mixture. Mix Well.

Step 9: Add in the Other Half of the Marshmallows and Stir Until All Ingredients Are Combined.

Step 10: When Ready to Serve, Put Into Glass and Garnish With Pecan Pieces (pecan Pieces Optional). Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    does this work with other kinds of jello and toppings?