Platform Pedals for Bike

Introduction: Platform Pedals for Bike

So we are making platforms to clip into your bike pedals when you don't want to wear your clipless shoes. My clipless pedals are Time Atac's, which are really small and hard to pedal with regular tennis shoes / crocs / etc.

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Step 1: Scavenge Your Aluminum.

I was lucky to find a scrap yard that allowed me to look through the piles of aluminum and find just the right pieces.
Clark Iron & Metal is in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Step 2: Supplies

supply list:
Scrap aluminum; large enough to make a platform for your shoes. Mine is 4" x 4" and 1/4" thick. I found 2 pieces at a scrap metal place; $2.20 total.
A saw to cut aluminum (hack saw, scroll saw).
Metal file; to file your cuts smooth.
Cleats; I ordered mine from Amazon, $19 for Time Atac cleats.
#8 - 32 x 3/4" flat Phillips machine screws
Lock nuts for the machine screws
** the cleats came with screws but I did not want to drill threads into the aluminum, so I bought slightly smaller screws & nuts.
2 - Rubber Packing Sheets 6" x 6". At Lowe's in plumbing section. $1.50 each.
Contact cement. Around $4.

Step 3: Cut Aluminum

Step 1.
I rounded the corner's of the aluminum plates with my saw, then used a file to smooth the edges. Depending on the size of aluminum scrap that you get, you may have to do more sawing. Mine just happened to fit perfectly with the four-inch by four-inch.

Step 4: Bolt Clips to the Aluminum

I found the center of the plate using my tape measure then placed the clips on to the plate and marked where the holes to be drilled. I drilled the holes just slightly larger than the machine screws. **Note that the machine screws i used are 3/4" long, to accommodate the 1/4" aluminum and 1/8" rubber packing; so adjust the length of screws according to your materials; leaving enough to put the lock nuts on.

Step 5: Lock Nuts

Step 3.
I decided to use a half inch drill bit to countersink on the backside of the aluminum for the lock nuts. I did not want the locknut sticking up so high and rubbing on my shoes. If you decide to countersink the lock nuts, make sure your aluminum is thick enough to allow that.
Step 4.
Once the clips were secured to the aluminum plate with the nuts and bolts, I used a hacksaw to remove the excess machine screw, flush with the lock nuts.

Step 6: Rubber Packing Sheet

I traced the shape of the aluminum platform onto the rubber packing sheet then used scissors to cut the shape out. I cut small squares in the center of the rubber packing sheet where the lock nuts were, so if I needed to remove the clips , the rubber packing would not be in the way of my socket wrench. I then followed the directions on the contact cement to secure the rubber packing sheet to the aluminum platform.

Step 7: Finish!

The rubber packing sheet is an inexpensive way to give a nonslip surface to your pedals, and give a solid surface for your feet so the locknuts are not sticking up into your shoes / feet. If you use the screws that come with your clips, this would not be necessary. However, I really like the nonslip surface of the rubber packing sheet

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