Platform Bed

Introduction: Platform Bed

I decided to raise my bed 20 inches higher off the floor so anything that crawls on the floor can't get to me. This all started after a scorpion crawled onto my shoulder while I was sleeping. Luckily it didn't sting me and I woke up in time to kill it. It got into my bed because the sheets were touching the floor and gave the scorpion a way up. With the bed this high off the ground it makes it harder for them to get there. The extra space under the bed is good for storage of backpacks, books, cloths, or just about anything 20" or smaller.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need to do this:

Miter saw
two 6 ft. 2x6s
three or four 3 ft. 2x6s (I used 3)
deck screws
tape measure

Step 2: Design the Frame

I went with a basic rectangle shape for the frame (since the bed is rectangular).

Step 3: Cut the Wood

I cut the 2 sides to 67 3/4" and the inner pieces to 37 7/8". I also cut two 20" support pieces from leftover 2x6s.

Step 4: Assembly/mounting

I spaced the two outer pieces 14" from the edge of the sides to make sure it was square. I put 2 screws in each board on each side. Once its screwed together you need to find the studs in the wall and mark them. Use the support boards to hold up the frame while you screw it in place making sure to keep it level. I put two screws in each stud and two on the corner.

Step 5: Put the Bed On

Once its screwed in place you can put your mattress on.

Step 6: Under Bed Lighting

I decided to add the LED lights from my other instructable to the underside of the bed to give it accent lighting.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    couldn't you have just got shorter sheets? lol just kidding, great instructable. I'm definately going to do this