Poached Egg Sandwich.

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One of my favorite snacks anytime of day. So simple, but you can add what ever extras you want.

1 - egg
1 - slice cheese
2 - slices bread
2 - teaspoons mustard.
1 - teaspoon or so vinegar.
Water for boiking  and the washing the egg.

In a small sauce pan fill withwater about an inch and a half high.
Turn on the oven to high. At 180 degrees fahrenheit, turn down heat.
Add the vinegar.
Crack a room temperature egg into a small dish.
Gently lower the egg into the water.
Let cook for minute.
Use a slotted utensil to bring the egg together.
Let cook until the doneness you prefer, (about 3 minutes or so.)
With a slotted spoon remove the egg to a towel and let it dry a bit.
Put the egg in some cold water to wash the viegar off and cool the egg.
Toast two pieces of bread.
Cover one side of the toast with mustard.
Lay the cooked egg on one of the pieces of toast.
add salt and pepper if desired.
Add the cheese
Cover with the other piece of toast with mustard towardds the insides.


See also: https://www.instructables.com/id/Our-food-instructables/




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