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Introduction: Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine

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Hello Pokemon Go Masters,

In this instructable I will explain a maker solution to egg hatching in Pokemon GO game. It is very easy to prepare. Are you ready to hatch your eggs without walking through kilometers ?

Here are the parts that you need:

1) Adaptor: https://www.amazon.com/BINZET-Adapter-Regulated-S...

2) Motor: https://www.amazon.com/15RPM-Shaft-Torque-Turbine...

3) K'nex: https://www.amazon.com/KNEX-375-Piece-Deluxe-Buil...

4) You can find cardboard :)

Be sure that your character is walking when machine is turning!

Don't forget to watch step by step video that I prepare for you.

Step 1: Preparing K'nex Body and Tires

Let start connecting K'nex parts together

Take the circular purple part and connect red bars all around of it. Also insert gray connector part inside purple part. Check the first two pictures.

After that take blue small bar and attach orange connecter to left edge then insert tire and close the other edge with other orange connector. Prepare 4 tires with this way in total. And connect all the tires on red bars by following "+" shape. (Front, back, left, right bars will only have the tires.) See the 3rd and 4th pictures

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard and Pasting

Now we are cutting a circle from cardboard in the same size with our circular K'nex part.

Then plug the hot glue gun, and glue the K'nex part into the cardboard gently. Don't use excessive glue.

After you connect circular K'nex part with the cardboard, took two yellow connector and glue them to gray connector located in the middle of our circle. See the pictures.

Step 3: Motor Cables and Placing Motor on a Flat Surface

We are connecting motor cables via hand. No need for soldering

Now tape the motor and its cables on a flat surface. Stabile them. See the pictures

Step 4: Connecting Motor and Platform

Connect the platform to the motor. The gray K'nex part will be the best fit. You don't need to do any extra thing. Just insert the shaft of the motor inside of the gray connector part. (Second picture is to show you how motor shaft will fit)

Step 5: Connecting Adaptor and Getting Ready

Tie the cables coming from motor into adaptor cables. + or - is not important. Just connect it, because direction of the rotation will not effect the end result.

Just be careful to avoid short circuit. Use electric tape to cover conductive parts.

Step 6: Egg Hatching

Are you ready to hatch the eggs ?

Open Pokemon GO app and plug the adaptor

New pokemons are on the way

When machine is turning be sure that your character is walking. If you make your circle bigger, it will help you to gain more walking distance while your platform turning. According to my experiments, currently my Pokemon GO character is gaining 0.02 km per 10 minutes of rotation. It is more wise to put your phone into this machine when you go to sleep. When you wake up your pokemon will be waiting for you!



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    36 Discussions

    This Instructable gave me an idea... put your phome on a model railroad car.

    1 reply

    amazing btw I got a charizard thanks!


    2 years ago

    I thought of a similar idea the other day while sitting in traffic. I thought the size of the rotation would need to be bigger though. I was thinking of setting up a toy train in a circle or using a box fan. This is a great, low cost solution though. Thanks for sharing.

    3 replies

    I think the train idea would work best

    if you are worried about the cost of electricity or the pedometer not working you could always just put your phone in a good ziplock bag and tie the phone to your dog and let it run around outside. to make sure your dog doesnt just go outside and lay down you could also tie a stick with a treat to the end of it and make the dog forever chase the treat. then as a reward for hatching your pokemon for you, you can give the dog the treat.

    You can also use a turn-table or record player.

    Have you considered that this is cheating in a very creative way? It shouldn't be a thing to be boosted :(

    6 replies

    There's a small part of me that agrees; however, when you can just PAY to incubate 9 eggs at the same time instead of one, is that cheating? The system is setup to reward those that can/will spend money on it. If someone (say my son) can't spend much on the game do you want to penalize them if they can find creative ways to help themselves? If there wasn't a way to just buy 8 incubators and hate 9 eggs by walking 10km or less, in one shot, I'd be much more inclined to agree or care. If my son has to jog around the yard enough times to make 90km to compete with an adult that just drops $20 on the game every day, I wouldn't discourage him from making somethign to help him compete.

    Pretty good arguments. I am convinced that it is a nice and fun project! My apologies, have fun hatching eggs :)

    We can call it cheating if you want. Morally, I find this less offensive considering you can't rack up distance unless you have the game open, yet the game will consume "timed" items without the game open. Many timed items cost real dollars.

    Considering there is no actual prize playing the game, other than having fun with friends, this form of "cheating doesn't bother me as much as the game cheating users out of real cash.

    Actually it is not cheating. Because this way is not a shout cut. For example if you want to use this method to hatch an 10 km egg you need to wait 166 hours. However if you walk 10K it is much much faster. This is not basically considered as cheating.

    It is cheating but that said this is going to go faster the longer and more detectable the movement is. Example if you were to make a oblong of track 1m long it would take 500 cycles around that track to do 1km. Then if you hooked a bit mouse up and turned on screen casting you should then be able to play while it is moving...

    I've been seeing a lot of static on social media about how the game is ableist - for the mobility-challenged, requiring a person to walk might mean that they can't play the game. This hack gives those people an option to participate, which I think is probably a good thing in the long run!


    2 years ago

    I would just strap the phone to a pet and they do the walking for you. Only problem is the battery and my phone heats up a lot.

    2 replies

    Thats brilliant! Im a mobil-challanged person, especially in this 100° + heat. Now i can at least get a bit of movement in when i let my dog out into the back yard. Thanks for this idea!

    You may want to make sure to watch your dog, I've been doing this myself but I once went to the bathroom and left her out there with it and she cracked the screen protecter. luckly no damage was done to the actual phone but you have to be supervising them.

    Definitely would not be using GPS to track the 'distance' because most civilian GPS enabled phones have a precision of 5m or larger. Perhaps it integrates a pedometer-style tracking system in addition to detect if players are walking, rather than taking a car.

    1 reply

    it does use the pedometer in your phone, however as long as you aren't moving more than 20m/h it will still count. This is why people are able to bike or ride a skateboard in order to hatch their eggs.