Polish Boots With a Banana!





Introduction: Polish Boots With a Banana!

To polish your boots with a banana you need the following:

--Fresh Banana Peel
--And a square of nylon(Womens stockings work well)

Step 1: Clean Your Boots

Make sure your boots are free of dust and dirt.

Step 2: Banana Peel

Then grab your banana peel and start lightly rubbing your boot.

Step 3: Clean Again

You might need to wipe away some of the banana stuff.

Step 4: Buff and Compare

Then simply Buff boot toe with some nylon to make it shiny. Here's a picture to compare Banana polish and normal Polish. (Normal polish is on the left, Banana peel polish is on the right)

Ask if you have any questions




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    36 Discussions

    Um... My Petty Officer GSM1 would look at me, and give me an un-sat. just because the sight of me rubbing a banana peel on my boot would look slightly…… odd, if he saw me, but It’s a quick thinking idea, I usually have inspections after chow anyways, so I’ll get my daily potassium and a not perfect, but a quick buff… I like it.

    It's a good idea to to a quick search for similar instructables before you publish... there's nothing wrong with publishing something on the same subject, so long as you're building on the idea or approaching the problem from a different perspective -- but in this case the banana idea is so simple this instructable is pretty much duplicating what was already posted, minus the recipe for a non-toxic waterproofing cream. It's happened to me many times, getting an idea for what I think is a great original instructable, only to see it's already been done. So either I toss my idea or I take it farther...

    well i didnt see yours and you used a woman shoe! i used boots

    Clearly there are slight differences. You also added a step I consider unnecessary: the banana peel does a great job at cleaning shoes and wiping off dirt. So I'm not saying this is plagiarism, just that you should check before you publish something to make sure it's not already on this site.

    Yes, I meant to comment back sooner to say no harm done, but I got distracted by other stuff.... ken and tiffer, it's not just a matter of etiquette (you'd understand if you'd spent a few hours or even days working on an instructable that it's a bit annoying to see it duplicated), but also using this site to its full potential. What I like about instructables is seeing other's ideas and building upon them. If you just publish your thing without doing research first you're missing out.

    Honestly, your comparison photo of normal vs banana polish doesn't convince me of the value of this method. The normal polish seems to do a pretty good job.

    5 replies

    True, but it is much easier when they are on the same page. Since the photo is already in your gallery, it is very easy to add it to the pictures (You dont neccesarily have to make a new picture with all three on it.