Popsicle Stick Coloured Icosahedron




Introduction: Popsicle Stick Coloured Icosahedron

Hi everybody,
this is just a small addition to this wonderful instructable:

I just wanted to share the final result that you can obtain, if you're patient enough to paint your stick icosahedron!

Few tips:

 1) First of all you must make the structure of the icosahedron (see the link above)

 2) To fill the gaps between the sticks, and the holes in the vertices, I covered with adhesive tape the whole structure. You don't have to be very precise, you just want to fill the holes in order to paint it.

 3) Then, I painted both outside and inside the icosahedron with bare white water-based paint.

 4) Once the white paint got dry, I painted with pink water-based paint the outside.

 5) Finally, I put a lot of Vinavil glue on the outside structure, to make it shining!

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