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Introduction: Pots Making // 9 O'clock Plant // GIY // Gardner Stuff

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This is mushroom organic planter project & its very cool. However, after the construction, I discovered that I could bring this planter to the ground, but it turned out much better than I expected, the product was extraordinary because it is biodegradable.

Step 1: You'll Need...

Following Items Required

  • Mushroom Husk (Basically its a root structure of mushroom known as Mycelium),

  • Bowl (for Mixing flour and husk )

  • Plastic Containers,

  • Plastic Bag Flour Powder,

  • Scissor,

  • Clip,

  • Water and any plants (I used here 9 o'clock plant).

Step 2: Add Flour Powder

Add 1 cups of flour powder.

Step 3: Add 3 Cups of Water & Stir

Adding 3 cups of water and stir it.

Step 4: Pour Flour Mixture

Pour Mixture in Plastic bag.

Step 5: Wrap & Shake

Wrap the plastic bag and shake until all the water absorbed.

Step 6: Lock It

Sealed Plastic bag with some clips.

Step 7: Grow Mushroom in 5 Days

Store it, somewhere in house for 5 days for its initial growth.

Step 8: Extract & Mix

After Growth of 5 days extract it from plastic bag and mixed it well.

Note:- This extract stinks very bad, cover your nose if you can.

Step 9: Repeat Step No.2 Again (add 1 Cup Flour & Mix)

Repeat the Step No.2 Process by adding 1 cup of flour and mix it.

Step 10: Fill It

Put all husk in a plastic container and sealed it tightly.

Step 11: Grown After 4 Days...

Let it dry for at least 4 days, after 4 days remove it from plastic container.

Step 12: Add Soil & Water

Add some regular soil and spray some water, I planted 9'O clock flower plant.

Step 13: Enjoy :)

Hope you enjoyed the project !

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