Power Box - Solar Powered Powerbank

Introduction: Power Box - Solar Powered Powerbank

Hello DIY lovers,

In this instructable i gonna show to build a power bank that can charge our laptops, mobiles, cameras when we are off-grid. For making this i recycled my ups casing

Step 1: Requirements

Go and collect the following items

  • 20W Solar panel
  • 12v 7.2ah Battery
  • Arduino Nano
  • 12v to 220v inverter
  • Usb charging circuit
  • 20x4 lcd display
  • Usb Female pins
  • IRF 9540 Mosfet
  • 2N2222 transistor
  • Lm 35 sensor
  • Toggle Switches
  • Necessary stuff like glue, soldering rod etc.

Step 2: Plan

  • As Shown in the Figure above i am going to connect solar panel and battery to charge control unit.
  • Usb charging circuit and Inverter will be connected to battery directly

Note: The purpose of the charge control unit is to protect the battery from the overcharging and discharging. You can buy charge control unit for stores or you can make using arduino microcontroller by following this tutorial Link

Step 3: Let's Get Started

  • First of all open the old ups and remove all components inside it.
  • Make some cuttings for display and switches as shown in figure
  • I followed Deba168 for making charge controller unit and connected everything according to the plan

Step 4: Conclusion

Once everything is connected it looks as shown above, with this we can charge cellphone, laptops, cameras and even run music systems

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    4 years ago

    I like this should try to build one