Quick-and-dirty Phone Holder

Introduction: Quick-and-dirty Phone Holder

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Rather than using up counter space when I charge my phone, I made this quick cardboard phone holder. All you need is a piece of cardboard, an exacto blade, and either duct tape or hot glue.

Step 1: Attach the Template

A template sized for my phone is attached as a pdf. I have a fairly small phone (Droid mini), but you can easily re-draw the template to fit your phone by simply making the middle section wider.

Print out the template and tape it to the cardboard (you can also just draw the pattern with a ruler).

Step 2: Cut Out the Basic Shape

Using a sharp exacto (or other) blade, carefully cut out the main shape. You may not cut all the way through, so flip over the cardboard and clean up the back if necessary.

Step 3: Score the Folds

Cut halfway through the cardboard along the interior lines (I accidentally taped it to the wrong side of the cardboard, so I cut on the back side).

In addition, cut out the notch and holes. The top hole will be used to hang the holder, the middle hole is for the charger, and the bottom notch makes it easier to access the "home" button when the phone is in the holder.

Step 4: Check the Fit

Fold in the sides and fold up the bottom. The side triangles should be flush with the back of the holder and the corners should line up.

Step 5: Tape/glue It Together

I originally intended to use hot glue to assemble it, but I didn't have glue sticks. So I used duct tape instead, which is effective but not nearly as nice looking.

If you use hot glue, simply glue the seams together.

If you use tape, make sure to reinforce all the open edges. The photos show my taping method, which seemed to work pretty well.

Step 6: Hang and Use

Place a nail/screw/hook where you want the phone holder to hang and slip on the phone holder. Add your charger and use!

I don't mind the raw/ugly cardboard look, but you could also paint the charger or cover it with nice paper (or nicer duct tape) for a less "diy" look.

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