Quick, Cheap and Easy Airbrush Holder!




Introduction: Quick, Cheap and Easy Airbrush Holder!

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I needed an airbrush holder next to my makeshift spray booth. This was a perfect opportunity to make something from whatever I had in my garage!! The image in the background is not finished, its a practice run before i attempt to put it on my brothers guitar.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Scrap wood
Wood glue

Drill press/ power drill
Soldering iron

Step 2: Making the Base

I started with the base. I had a square-ish block of scrap wood left over from another project. I also had a handle from a cheap foam paintbrush. I drilled a hole slightly larger than the handle and went about halfway through with my drill press. The handle fit in a little loose but thats okay. I put some Titebond in the hole, enough that it would fill up the space when the handle went in, and let it dry over night.

Step 3: Making the Holder

I bent the holder into shape out of some multi purpose wire. I made the holder first then the support wire and soldered them together. It took a few tries getting the wires the right shape and then staying put while I soldered them. Im still not 100 percent happy with the shape of the holder but its working for now.

Step 4: Plasti-dip

Next I dipped the wire in plasti-dip. I did 3-4 coats, I cant remember exactly which. I hung it from a hook on the roof of the garage while it dried. Again this was left to dry overnight before I used it.

Step 5: Put It Together!

So with my foam handle there was already a hold drilled in one end, so I simply curled the end of the support wire and stuck it into the handle end and its holding together rather well. The wire I used is kind of springy so it holds into the hole like a spring. I had planned on hot gluing it, but since its working just fine without I skipped this step in case I want to redo the wire part. Really thats about it! The longest part was the multiple dippings of the plasti-dip and overnight drying times. Everything else took maybe 15-20 minutes combined. 

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