Quick Tip #2 - a Stylish Yet Affordable Locking Bicycle Trunk




Many people approach me about the trunks i have on my bike so quick tip number 2

Use a Scooter trunk found at your local scooter shop or Swap shop or Online
as a stylish yet affordable locking trunck for your bike.

Cost - anywhere from $15 to $35 or so per box... depending of course on the style, make, model of the one you want.

They come in a variety of styles and colors and are easily mounted to either post rack or standard rack systems.

Shown first is a larger trunck box with a base mounted on my Silver e-bike's post mount rack.

another is the Black slim line model i put on my standard bike which has a standard rack sytem.

Step 1: Mounting the Box

Mounting is easy as all new Scooter trunk boxes come with mounting hardware which should include nuts and bolts as well as a bar system to attach the box with.

Depending on where you purchace yours it should but not always will come with a plastic shock base for mounting the box directly to as outlined in the photo in red on my Silver E-bike. You then mount the whole thing to your rack system.

My Black Trunk Box - did not come with this base however and had to be mounted directly to the rack and I'll show you a  little more on how that is done though keep in mind, this is not rocket science we are discussing here... anyone can do this and figure it out
- it's that simple.

Though the mounting hardware may be slightly different depening on the box you get. Mounting them is pretty much the same no matter which bicycle rack you have - ether post mount or standard rack system.

However is is good to note here that if you are going to be purchacing a rack to go with your Scooter Trunk - make sure the bolts can attach - that there is a place to run them through or you be drilling them out if not. A Schinn post moount i looked at recently did not have and space to run the bolts though along the main frame of the rack. So i just looked for another style.

As well make sure you pick up a rack that can hold at least 20lbs when choosing a post mount system just to be safe.

Step 2: Weather Proofing Your Trunk Box.

Once mounted you have one more step to take... Weather proofing it.

Thats right most of these inexpesive but handy trunk boxes don't come weather proofed - i don't know why but they don't.
And they leak like crazy through the screw holes in the top as well as you'll get water in though the mounting holes if you don't take steps to prevent this.

But that is easy enough.

I used as you can see - Neopreme fused washers and a dab of silcone each. A dab i say - not a glob of silcone.
A little dab will do you. besides you'll want to remove these screws in the future to add led lights to the reflectors possibly in the future or replace a broken reflector if need be.

A word of caution - do not over tighten the screws when putting them back in! They will break or strip out fairly easily if too much torch is applied - go comfortably tight - then a quater turn is all. Just snug them up and then a tad more is all!



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    6 Discussions

    Jesus ism

    3 years ago on Introduction

    hi, what type of seatpost rack do you have on the silver bike? is it like the black one? what type of "supplied mounting hardware" did you use?

    1 reply
    -chase-Jesus ism

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Jesus ism,

    The Silver E-bike has a seatpost rack similar to this one pictured / or  found on Amazon though not the exact same one.


    The black bike has a standard rear rack since it didn't have a rear shock.

    Mounting hardware was similar on both bikes, and the mounting hardware used came with the trunks. Most include the mounting hardware for attaching to the rear of scooters. I just used it to mount it to the bike racks.

    I did see an interesting rear mounting of a milk crate that I think could be used for these trunks nicely just a couple days ago. The guy used a rear mount child carrier rack. Child seat removed of course, it was perfect for bikes without a rear shock for the one he had.
    Wish I still had my bikes to try it out. 


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Mr Curly Whirly - The silver eBike is a "Strong" electric bike. Designed and made in China. It's a 200 watt internal hub. Distance with "Smart Pedaling" is approximately 90 miles per charge. It came in both Lythium and NiCad battery - 36volt. Mine is NiCad. Weight is around 129lbs with batteries. Key Lock the Battery and rear hub. And it's key start. Head light and tail light come on with the key and can run independent of the motor.

    They [Strong Bicycles] were never sold in the US. I bought this one from someone that brought a couple of them down with them from Canada.They sold one and kept one. I don't know if they still sell them in Canada anymore or not.

    I used to have the web address for them, but doing a quick search couldn't find it again or I'd post it. Doesn't mean they don't exist as it was hard to find the first time I looked for them as well.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info Chase - I like the frame design, particularly the downtubes, makes for a very compact dual suspension bike. Many E-BIKES look too stretched as they squeeze the battery pack between the seat tube and the rear wheel, this Strong design is very clean and upgradeable. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available anywhere at the moment - being in NZ and AU doesn't help..


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yeah - the battery slides on top of a third post, inbetween the two outer posts, with a rubber grommet bumper to sit on about 2/3rds the way up. There's also a seal were it meets the connection plate at the bottom.

    Don't be so sure they are not available - check further because I checked just a year or so ago and they were available. They came out with a new model - that had a newer rear motor. Like the ones you see today with standard spoke wheels.

    They only sold to other countries other than the USA. I do believe NZ and AU were on there list of countries it was available.

    My issue here is - the bike shops refused to work on it. They hated it was from China. let alone designed by them. They all suggested stripping it of parts and buying something else.

    But - alas I guess they got their wish as it was stolen from my garage. I had owned it for about 3-4 years in the pic above. I did get it back after 3 weeks. but the guy destroyed it. All the cables broke - wires pulled out. Rear hub where the disk attached screws pulled out. Seat ripped. Head light broken off. Pedal Crank bent. and more.

    I guess he was trying to dismantle it at one point when he realized I posted it was stolen on craigslist and notified everyone in the area. Cops were useless getting it back - a guy at the bike shop spotted him riding it every day. Finally caught him at night. but no proof he was the one that actually took it and he claimed he "found it" - I know he took it but what can you do?

    It's in storage now - it'll take a frame off to restore it.

    The other bike you see they smashed the rear wheel and gears in when I stoped at a Dunkin Donuts on the way to an interview. All that's left is the handle bars.

    My BikeE recumbent I just had totally upgraded - again stolen last October from yet another Dunkin Donuts the day I started online coursed - haven't gotten it back yet.

    Now it's just me - and my two feet. I'm done providing the blacks in the area with bikes, lights and parts.

    Now I'm just working on a way to leave the state. or maybe the country.

    Been looking at NZ to be honest. ;-) I like the Ecology over Economy attitude and policy they have. It's either there or the North West of the US as far up in the mountains as I can get.