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Introduction: Quote Block

A TO-GO inspirational block that can fill your life with much needed wisdom.

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Step 1: Know Thyself

The first step of your route block is knowing which quotes are best for you. Pick quotes that really speak to you, often times people like to use quotes that are more statements rather than inspirational quotes. For example someone might choose "Creativity is intelligence having fun" while this is well said it is not particularly inspiring or calling you to action. You know yourself better than anyone in this world and keep your faults in mind for step #2

Step 2: Pick 3 Quotes

When looking for quotes there a ton of resources available for you to begin your search. Google is your number one source. It can connect you to most everything inspirational ever said. That ranges anywhere from a PDF of the top 100 inspirational quotes to rotten tomatoes quotes of movies. Your quotes can also come from family members or family sayings. These words hold meaning for you and are not intended for anyone else. Some other places that might also be helpful to look for quotes are books and or magazines. Once you have found the sources of your qoutes make sure they are under 30 words. if they are over 30 words edit it down to be just about 30 words.

Step 3: Go to Tinkercad

Once you get to Tinkercad.com your going to want to create and account. Creating an account takes your through a serious of steps. First you will be asked to enter your date of birth (Month, Day & Year) as well as your geographical location. You can make an account at any age just note that if you do create and account and are a minor you will be asked to submit your parents email rather than your own. Once you have completed entering your birthday it will prompt you enter an username, password and email (Parents email if you are a minor) then once you "Create account" You are ready to move on to step 4.

Step 4: Setting Up Tinkercad Workspace

Once you sign in click "Create New design". Please make sure your on the "3D Designs" Tab on the website. (You can assure yourself of this by looking on the left hand side of the website and underneath your icon should be a list of tabs on the website. ) Once you click create you want to make sure that your workspace is set up correctly for this process. Once you are in the interface, click the "Edit" Grid button on the right hand corner of the workspace. This button should be located above the "Snap Grid" Option. Once you've clicked this option click "Units" and change the measurements from "Millimeters" to " Inches". Then return to the normal workspace by clicking the "x" in the upper right hand corner of the cube.

Step 5: Your First Shape

In the right hand corner of the screen you will find a vertical rectangle that within it holds all of the shape options available within the software. This does not only hold true for shapes but also words and specific customizable shapes. This includes ice cream, a scribble, a flat star, a protruding star, dice, a fidget spinner, a customizable home, the US states and many many more. To select a shape simply click it and move your mouse over to the "Workplace". When doing this please make sure your workplane is in an horizontal position. Throughout this process we will be working with multiple planes and it is imperative that this first shape remains at ground level with the horizontal work plane. If you are unsure if your plane is on the horizontal work plane. On the upper left corner of the screen there is a cube that has labelled "Top" "Bottom" "Left" "Right" &"Back". This cube allows you to select which angle you are looking at the cube. Wether it be you click and drag to customize the angle to your liking or you can click a side and it will take you to that sharp straight angle. To double check that your plane is in a horizatal position click the "Top" side of the cube and point your finger towards the ceiling. If your finger and the grid are parallel your working on the horizontal work plane. Now you are ready to select your first shape. You will select a cube and drag it onto the workspace. Once you have dropped the image onto the workspace click on it to reveal miniature rectangles around the image that allow you to affect its proportions. Click on one these squares and boxes alongside the width, length and height of the cube. You can click within these boxes to edit the measurements. In the Width box type in "1" in the length type in "7" this means that your block will be 7inches long and 1 inch thick. once this is completed make sure that the rectangles contents are all within the blue grid. Then double check to assure yourself that the rectangle is flesh with the ground plane. Once those two precautions have been taken then lock the grid in place. This can be done by selecting the rectangle and you will see a smaller pop up that is connected to the shape selection inventory pop up. This pop up box allows you to edit your shapes without physically manipulating it. On the left hand corner there should be a picture of an open lock. Click it and the lock should turn purple. Once it has turned purple you are ready to move to the next step.

Step 6: Typing in Your Words

Before starting this step it should be important to note that the bottom of the rectangle should alway remain flat. No words are to be put on in the bottom. Your next step is to select the text option and drag it into the work plane. then in the box that pops out o the Shape inventory there should be an option that says "Text" in the square next to it type in your route and it should appear on the workplane. Move this selection so that it is on top of the cube. Once this has happened adjust the height in the protruding rectangle that you typed the text in until it protrudes from the top of the box. If your quote is too long you'll need to have multiple boxes in order to fit t completely.

Step 7: Vertical Words

For your second quote your going to want to switch the work-plane from the horizontal plan to a vertical work-plane. You can do the by clicking the "workplane" button ontop of the shape inventory menu. Hover your mouse of a surface that is perpendicular to the horizontal work plane. This should turn create a yellow square over the hovered area, once you see this click it. Then repeat the previous step with typing in your quote but this time instead of laying it ontop of the block you'll want to lay it perpendicular and drag it against the object to make it protrudes outside of the surface of the block. Then repeat this with the other side.

Step 8: Ring

For your final step, in the shape inventory menu select a ring the place is on one of the ends of the clock that does not have words. Make sure at least half or more than half of the ring is inside of the block for this will make certain that the ring is sturdy. If you prefer a sturdier grip, place two rings side by side to form one big simi-circle on the edge of the block.

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