R/C Car Remote Detonator

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this is a really cool remote detonater that utilizes an R/C car. I haven't yet desighned an igniter to go with it, but im sure you can find one on this site, but it does work wiht a modded model rocket igniter. also i need to be sure to give somebody else credit for this because i think i saw it somewere else on this site but im not sure were. im also sorry about the bad pics, but its the best i could do cuz i already built it.

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Step 1: Take Apart the R/C Car

i think this is really self explanatory. take the thing apart. on mine i was able to strip it right down to the circut board box, but if you cant i would recomend cutting it. after you get it pretty much stripped you should (at least mine did) come to to the cassi and the circut box, which just popped right out. but be sure if you cut it to make sure that the battery compartment is not destroyed. THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO THE CIRCUT BOX OR IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!

Step 2: Cut and Splice the Wires

the next step is to cut and splice the wires. be sure to cut the wires leading to the back motor, the one that drives the car, because this one gets more electriccity as it is a more powerfull motor. then just strip the ends and splice them to aligator clips.
NOTE: i just cut my aligator clips of a rocket laucher thingy, thats why theres the extra wire. i also cut my wire a little short. i would not recomend doing that.

Step 3: Fix the Antenna

next is to cover the thing in some kind of camo. i used black duct tape. and then take a straw and run part of the antenna through it and coil the rest on top of the box, then duct tape it to the side. this is so that if you have to cover it in leaves, the antenna will still stick up.

Step 4: Now Youre Done

just connect the battery and youre ready to go! note i used a 6 volt battery. i think it has to be at least a 6 volt, or 4 double A's, and it helps if theyr'e rechargable.

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    3 years ago

    i made this and i'm having an issue. It works until i add a load to it. mine reads 7.6 volts when it isn't attached to anything, but when i hook it up, it reads nothing.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Sir_Warrior_1-6 it is not illegal to build use and or own one of them you can buy them from amazon for 20$ or ebay for 10$ its called a wireless firing system its used for pyrotechnic shows and modal rockits and stuff i own one as long as its not used to kill any one its legal to own

    Highly Illegal, Feds can raid your house and face Federal charges. BAD IDEA. FACT.


    While this is a great idea for a remote detonator, make sure that if you decide to build\use something like this with pyrotechnics, that you are out far away from anything. Wouldn't want a random radio frequency setting off something in your face as your hooking up the detonator.

    2 replies

    With this, you'd have to be within a few hundred meters for it to detonate, these RC car ranges dont go too far.

    I personally think its too close for an explosion.

    Wait, why not use cellphones?

    Yeah, soooo, this is super old but I felt the need to comment here for others that stumble upon it as I have today. ArmySoldier is right. Your r/c detonator is a receiver. That has nothing to do with range. Receivers will receive any signal that can reach it. It doesn't have to be another r/c controller.

    well if you looked at the title you would see it said "remote detonator". one could then assume that this is a remote detonator.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Remote: at a distance; away from;
    detonator: something that detonates; as in KABOOOM!

    I have been throught model rocketry as a kid and I have made a remote igniter.
    so , it ignites something. in this case the model rocket's engine.

    I also have made a remote alarm sensor in 7th grade. it senses an activity and sets off an alarm; a four-tone "beeper" i scratch-built.

    thats a nice avatar iloveairsoftstuff.

    btw, i used to make my own model rocket engines, airsoft. that was more than 30 years ago. so you dont know i dont know something about pyrotechs.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yay I think I know what it means cause I have built a few rockets and lanch one or two.

    well, since i now know that you have no knowledge whatsoever about pyrotechnics, i would recomend that you simply hook up a beeper to it.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Connect this to a fuse, then push up. Fuse will ignite, maybe setup to light a firework.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    a remote detonator is an electronics doohickey that causes something to blow up when you press a button. simple as that.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable could land on the wrong hands and minds. think about it. Your title can surely attract the wrong people too.

    4 replies

    wow. the mere fact that youre looking at it tells me alot about you....... just to let you know, i put these instructables on this website to be used for airsoft. my name says it, and if you look at my other instructables, they say it to. thats what this is desighned to do. if someone really wanted one of these to blow up or cause harm to somebody, not posting this isn't going to stop them. oh well, youre only the second person ever that has been critizising my instructables, and i know i have helped alot of people, and i have no intention of stopping posting my new airsoft ideas and discoverys, so i guess i will just take the good with the bad

    hey. take it easy. I have nothing against your instructable, i like it. its just that "remote detonator" is just a bit so so in this day and age. and blowing up things is the first thing that comes to mind. just be responsible with titles, at least. I am all about sharing things and knowledge. You have good one there, no doubt. cheers.

    sorry. thanks anyway though. it's just that i desighn this stuff with safety in mind, and many people (like the school principle) don't understand. it's just nice to come on to a web site like instructables where i can be appreciated for the things that i do and invent and can express my thoughts openly without worrying about critisism from overly cautious people who think anything that has to do with a match is gonna kill everybody. and about the name, i would change it, but i don't think anything else would fit. if you have an idea, tell me and i might change it.