Introduction: REALLY COOL Derby Cars

All these cool soap box derby cars can be yours in a matter of hours! All you need is the official soap box derby car set,(the one that comes with the wheels and nails), a saw, a sander, a shaping tool, some paint, and finally a chisel.

Look at these cool examples so you can reference them throughout the demo!!!

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Step 1: Designing the Perfect Model. Cutting the Lines

When designing the car make sure to draw it out and label the drawing so later you have a clear understanding of how you are going to build it. Draw lines on where you want to cut to get a clean edge and cut along that edge.

Step 2: Chisel

Chisel into the car the cool design you want or if you like the one you cut, then sand it down to a even and smooth edge.

notice I made some carvings along the side of the red car to give i that sly look!

Step 3: Painting

When painting make sure you carefully apply the paint in the spots desired so you don't mess up and end up with an ugly display.

**Hint** if it is a tricky paint job put blue tape around the spots you don't want paint on so when you paint you won't need t worry about messing up.(that's what i did!)

Step 4: Applying Wheels

If you apply wheels wrong this whole project will be messed up. So, if your making a wheel well make sure you measure the nail so you don't have a awkward nail pointing out of the side. When you put the wheel and nail in, try not to take the nails in ad out otherwise you end up gluing the nails in and it can make it not look so nice.

Step 5: Finished

Think your done? Try more! If you didn't already try a wheel well or maybe a small engine on the front.!

THANKS hope you enjoy

Comment if you got any questions!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I love pinewood derbies. I still have all my cars I made when I was a kid. Now I help my kids make their own. Fun times!

    If you got any questions or comments please ask I would love to answer them!!