My son Antoine (8) had won the Sartorette Elementary's harvest festival costume
contest in San Jose for the last 3 years in a row. This year was a challenge
coming up with an original costume for the contest. While driving by a Red Box
I told my wife what about we built the box, we can use Antoine's Ipad mini as
the interactive screen using Red Box web page and for the posters of the
movies shown in the panel to the right, we can use photos of other costumes
Antoine had wore in the past years, we can photo shop them and let Antoine be
the protagonist in each poster and that is exactly what we did. It was fan for
Antoine because he tried in different costumes to be used in some of the
posters and for the others we just used old pictures including the ones with
the costumes he had won the contest for the last 2 years. Also, with the help
of his own hand he was able to deliver the movie by the side of the
box and also grab the return when people insert the movie back. Every one in
the school loved the interactive feature.

Even when we just steped out of the car other parents and kids wanted us to stop then they
could take some pictures and play with the interactive box. This was the same
reaction with all the people in the school. Antoine was so happy he really felt
like a celebrity everyone taking pictures of him.

Oh...I almost forgot...he won this year as well! and he is so exited to wear
the costume again this Friday

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Step 1: THE BODY

We used a box from my audio receiver I bought last year, we cut some
holes on it for the head, arms and body and painted with a red spray.


We used a different piece of cardboard for the front panel. We attached the panel to the box using staples and red duct tape.


We used a different piece of cardboard for the back panel.

We attached the panel to the box using staples and red duct tape.


As it is uncomfortable to wear a box we added some cushions inside the
box for the shoulders they worked very well

Step 5: Logos

For the logos we printed them from the internet

Step 6: Movie Posters

For the movie posters we did the photoshop with Antoine old and new
pictures and the original movie posters then printed them with my computer.

Step 7: The Interactive Screen

For the screen we used Antoine's Ipad mini showing Red Box webpage where
you can actually select a movie.


The redbox is finished!

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    Reply 11 months ago

    Go to your browser and put Netflix logo and you have all of them. I just made it and it work


    4 years ago

    That is awesome!:)cool idea.

    This is so awesome and creative! The part with the iPad mini is especially creative. You get 5 stars!

    This is such a great costume! I love that you used pictures of him in his past costumes as the movie posters on the side, it's such a great and funny little detail!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my, this is an excellent costume.

    You get points for originality, relative simplicity, and for those awesome doctored movie covers on the side panel. So cool!

    Internet High-Five from me!