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Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to show you my Fourth of July two-day project: the Roman Candle Colt M4 A1/M16 Replica! This gun shoots roman candles when they are lit an inserted down the 1/2 in. CPVC barrel.

These pictures were taken at various points in its creation (yes, they are all in order) and show the things I did to build the gun.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to post a full, real, Instructable. :( Hopefully if you want to build it you will be able to from the pictures.

This gun is modeled off of my favorite all time spec ops gun: the M4 A1 (but I guess it really looks more like an M16), but you may (you probably will) notice that it doesn't look exactly like one... I'm only human...

-Removable Fake Mag
-Removable/Adjustable Shoulder Stock
-Moving Fake Trigger

Materials Used: (Yes, they are random things from around the house, + a lot of tape)
-1/2 in. CPVC
-Black Electrical Tape
-Black Duct Tape
-Scotch Packing Tape
-Scotch Invisible Tape
-Plastic Bags
-Mini M&M's Tube

-Light roman candle fuse
-Insert roman candle down barrel of gun with SHOOTING END STICKING OUT. (Otherwise the gun will explode in your face). -Don't worry, it's not as dangerous as it sounds... Just insert them the right way, O.K?
-Hold gun like a real gun (stock to shoulder, hand on grip and mag) while roman candle fires.

Hopefully you will enjoy these pictures, and if you are able to build this from the pics, please recognize that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS, ACCIDENTS, INJURIES, CASUALTIES, TROUBLES WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT, OR CASES OF BAD INDIGESTION CAUSED BY THIS CREATION. Please check all laws in your area regarding firearms, fireworks, and explosives and please remember that the orange barrel is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY IN THE UNITED STATES. (Anywhere else, I don't know). Please be safe with this and NEVER aim it at anyone, any other living thing, private/public property, airplanes, or your grandmother. Thank you, please remember that fireworks are a serious matter. ;) 

Thanks and enjoy!!!


P.S., More versions coming soon!

P. P. S. If you build this, or your own version, please post a picture/video in the comments!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Well, roman candles are kinda like a cross between a star shell shooters and a spark emitters, only they fire in bursts.


    Haha I see! Well, I hope you have a great summer vacation! I' not exactly sure what hyves is though... :/ :)