Rainbow Loom "Illusion Bracelet"





Introduction: Rainbow Loom "Illusion Bracelet"

Step 1: Materials

Rainbow Loom

20 A color bands

10 B color bands

16 C color bands

An S, C, or O clip

A hook

Step 2: Placing the Bands

First, use your hook and make a figure 8 and fold it I half using your C color. Then,slip it onto an A band and place it on the loom as shown. For the next to bands, loop it 3 times instead of 2, alternating B bands and C bands

Step 3: Looping the Bands

First, take the bottom A band and bring it to the top on both sides. Pull down the bottom band.

Step 4: Repeat

Add another band that has been around three times on your hook. Repeat the hooking and add extension to your bracelet with remaining bands. Enjoy :)



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    7 Discussions

    I really like this! Thank you for making this! It really helped me! XD

    this wasn't very good. I don't have that table thing and I don't where to buy it. this instructable was a 2/10

    1 reply

    you don't need the loom board just use 2 pencils or something like that because you only need to prongs. I made mine using the hook and a tin opener lol. but it worked. and you can also make your own board using drawing pins and a cork board or a bit of wood etc... hope that helps.

    Cool instruct able! You did good on this. One question, what's an 'o' clip? Thanks! -instructable•er