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Introduction: Raspberry Chocolate "Blood" Sauce

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Perfect for cupcakes, cookies, and all your spooky dessert needs.


  • red food coloring (I prefer gel colors, but you could probably use the liquid kind although it will take more to get the same intensity of color)
  • corn syrup
  • cocoa powder or chocolate syrup
  • seedless raspberry jelly or jam (or strawberry would work)

Step 1: Make a Cocoa Paste

(if you are using chocolate syrup, you can skip this step and use the syrup as is)

Put a tiny amount of cocoa powder and water in a bowl and mix until you get a thick paste. Basically, you want all the clumps of cocoa dissolved so they don't create lumps in the blood (although that could look pretty gross...).

Step 2: Mix the "blood"

In a small bowl, mix together the jelly (if using), corn syrup, and little bit of food coloring. You should get a bright red but somewhat thin syrup. Add the cocoa paste a little bit at a time until the syrup darkens and looks like blood.

Step 3: Make It Bleed

That's it!

I used mine to decorate cupcakes, but you can use it for whatever Halloween treat you're making.

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