Recycle Outdated Business Cards




Introduction: Recycle Outdated Business Cards

If you have either old business cards of your own - or old cards of other people, that you don't need any more - you can recycle them easily with a spray can or two. But mind: the result has a more artistic or subcultural style. So it is not really adaquate for a serious business - but in my case, I used it to recycle old stickers for our blog (it deals with people and organisations, that engage themselves for a better world - including the protection of our environment, so recycling is some kind of fitting).

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Step 1: Step One: Cut Out Your Pattern

Depending on what your business card or sticker should communicate, cutting the pattern is a kind of laboriously task. Use some cartboard, that can deal with the dampness of the paint (my cardboard did not really stand it as you will see...).

Step 2: Step Two: Get Your Material

Beside the pattern you need the old stickers or business cards, some rubber gloves and - of course - the spray cans.

Step 3: Step Three: Spray the First Layer

Now, you are ready to apply the first layer of paint. I tried to do a solid color foundation. But of course you can experiment with whatever color patterns and combinations you can imagine...

Step 4: Step Four: Apply the Second Color-Layer

Now, I used my prepaired pattern, and applied the "message" (the URL of our blog) onto the color foundation. As you can see the text of the original sticker shines a little bit through. You therefore might want to experiment with darker colors and/or with more than ony two color layers.

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