Introduction: (Soul)Bottle Bag

Carrying your own bottle of water with you saves our lovely planet, because you do not have to buy water in plastic-bottles, which had to be transported with lots of energy over a huge distance. There is already a good variety of nice and eco-friendly water bottles out there.

And I recently gave one as a gift to a friend – wrapped into a nice little bag, that my friend can unbutton to attach the bottle outside to a bag or backpack (just in case space is scarce in the bag). The bottle bag is also turnable, so that she can choose the color, that suits most to her outfit :-)

Step 1: Make Your Pattern

At first you have to set up your pattern. I rolled the bottle over a paper to get the height and extent. I estimated the length of the handle, but it turned out quite proper.

Then I cut out the pattern two times: One time for the one side, and the other one for the other side. I chose to different colors, so that my friend has a nice variety in case she wants to turn the bag.

Step 2: Close the Seam at the Side and Bottom

The next step was to close the seam at the side of both fabrics. Then I inserted the bottom, sewed it and neatened it. As you can see, I did not get it completely fine, because there were two folds at the bottom. But it still looks fine, I think...

Step 3: Close the Seam at the Top

Now I turned one fabric to the right side, and the other on the left side. I put the right-side-fabric into the left-side-fabric, so that both right sides faced each other. I closed the seam on the top – except of a tiny little hole...

Step 4: Turn the Bags

This hole you need to turn the whole bottle bag, so that – in the end – the left sides of both fabrics face each other (on the inside) and both right sides are at the outside. This can be a little bit tricky and you have to find the proper mode between turning it gently and getting all the fabric through the little hole... You can use the arm of a wooden spoon to push the edges of the handles to the right side.

Step 5: Finalize and Button

In the final step I ironed the bag so that the seam at the top is fine and neat. I closed the little hole by hand and added a button and a buttonhole. By this, my friend can add the bottle bag to every other bag...