Recycled Juice Pouch Wallet (Change Pouch/Gift Card Holder).





Introduction: Recycled Juice Pouch Wallet (Change Pouch/Gift Card Holder).

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This is the way I make a Juice Pouch Wallet. It only has one opening, so it's more of a change pouch. Also, it fits gift cards/ids/credit cards perfectly. =]



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    3 Discussions

    Really clear explanations - much easier to understand from a video - Thank you so much - can't wait to make one : )

    Thanks for sharing! Lovely in every way! Really nice.  I am going to try and make one too. (look out world here I come-lol )  I subscribed, but I don't know how to subscribe to your channel.  Can you please teach me? BTW  I voted 5/5 for your Instructable.

    wow you are very talented thanks for the ideas and shareing too :P