Recycled Wood Pallet Sled




Introduction: Recycled Wood Pallet Sled

We at Premier have been busy building more creations from used wooden pallets! All you need for this sled is a used wood pallet and basic hand and power tools.

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Step 1: Tear Down Your Pallet

Remove the bottom supporting boards from your pallet. These pieces can be used later.

Step 2: Cut the Frame

Using a jigsaw or handsaw, cut the pallet in half along either side of the middle supporting board.

Step 3: Fill the Gaps

Using the boards you just cut off, fill the gaps in your frame. You can use either nails or screws to secure these boards. Cut the boards to be flush with each side of the sled.

Step 4: Shape the Sled

Cut a curve out of the front of the sled for a better sliding surface.

Step 5: Install the Handle

Find some rope or heavy string to use as a handle. Cut the rope to length and run each end through your freshly drilled holes.

Step 6: Finish the Sled

Grab some sand paper and sand rough spots out of the wood. For best results, throw on a few coats of eco-friendly paint and let dry completely.

Step 7: Go Sledding!

Grab a friend and hit the hills! We had a blast!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good!
    After building a sled for my brother (with reclaimed wood, but not from pallets,, I am planning on putting together a pallet sled or two.