Repair Your Old Wooden Book Shelf Damaged by TERMITES

About: Hai I am sathish kumar, PCB Design Engineer.I likes to make weekend projects with things mostly from scrap yard in order to recycle and also to reduce cost of project.

easy steps to repair your old wooden book shelf damaged by TERMITES

Step 1: Things You Need..

1.putty (or) wood filler (or)chalk powder
2. emery sheet (sand paper)
3.wood primer
5. turpentine oil
6.paint brush
7.waste cloth

Step 2: Cleaning

clean all the dust and dirt from the shelf using emery sheet(sand paper) and waste cloth

Step 3: Filling

Fill the holes in the wood with putty (or) mixture of chalk powder and turpentine  oil (or) wood filler and allow it to dry,

Step 4: Primer Coating

Apply a uniform coating of primer and allow it to dry.

Step 5: Painting

Paint the shelf of desired colour.Apply two to three coating for better result.



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