Repair Your Old Wooden Book Shelf Damaged by TERMITES

About: Hai I am sathish kumar, PCB Design Engineer.I likes to make weekend projects with things mostly from scrap yard in order to recycle and also to reduce cost of project.

Intro: Repair Your Old Wooden Book Shelf Damaged by TERMITES

easy steps to repair your old wooden book shelf damaged by TERMITES

Step 1: Things You Need..

1.putty (or) wood filler (or)chalk powder
2. emery sheet (sand paper)
3.wood primer
5. turpentine oil
6.paint brush
7.waste cloth

Step 2: Cleaning

clean all the dust and dirt from the shelf using emery sheet(sand paper) and waste cloth

Step 3: Filling

Fill the holes in the wood with putty (or) mixture of chalk powder and turpentine  oil (or) wood filler and allow it to dry,

Step 4: Primer Coating

Apply a uniform coating of primer and allow it to dry.

Step 5: Painting

Paint the shelf of desired colour.Apply two to three coating for better result.



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