Repairing and Customizing Old Headphones

Introduction: Repairing and Customizing Old Headphones

About: Hello my name is Pulkit Saluja and I am an inventor and I love tinkering with computers and electronics and playing guitar ,art and craft, I also like cooking in my free time.

Hi everyone this is my third instructable hope you like it.

I was very tired of my headphone wires getting twisted or getting cut, due to lack of elasticity in the wires, and the worst problem of all is that when your headphone wire jack gets damaged or stops working, its too annoying to adjust the jack again and again, to hear the sound, so i came up with a solution to make a detachable headphone wire, so that it can be easily changed, if it gets damaged.

i hope this instructable is helpful for you.

have fun

Step 1: Opening the Headphones

step 1 take your old and broken headphones, and open them.

step 2 now look for any broken solder joint or any broken wire.

step 3 now after opening the head phones, you will see something like in the second image. (some headphones might be different).

step 4 open the headphones carefully, or they might break.

Step 2: Twisted Telephone Receiver Wires

step 1 take two twisted telephones wire, they are easily available.

step 2 now cut them from both the ends as shown in the third image.

step 3 now after you cut the wire you will see four cables inside.

step 4 if you wish cut any two cables from both sides or join them.

Step 3: Connecting the Twisted Cables With Headphones

step 1 now pass your twisted cable from the cavity of your headphone, where previous cable was there.

step 2 now pass another cable too and you will get something like in the fourth image.

Step 4: Making Connections

step 1 now connect your twisted wires with the headphone. you have to solder them.

step 2 remember the color of the wires, write it down if required.

step 3 now use tape to cover the wires, do this step properly or wires might get shorted.

step 4 now close the headphones after applying tape.

Step 5: Connecting Everything

step 1 now you will need a small tube or box, but it should have a lid.

step 2 for this step you will need a 3.5 mm female jack and a 3.5 mm aux wire.

step 3 now make a hole in the plastic tubes lid, and insert the 3.5 mm female jack in it.

step 4 now making the connections with the 3.5 mm female jack, now the twisted wires which are coming out of the headphones has to be connected with the 3.5 mm female jack, as shown in image five.

step 5 remember that there will be two wires coming out of each side of headphones which make them four in total, so in these four wires two wires will be joint together, as they will act as common ground, and other two wires will be your left and right sound of headphones and carefully follow image five.

Step 6: Almost Ready

step 1 now after making all connections use glue gun to make the hollow tube and 3.5 mm female jack to be join tightly.

step 2 now just plug your 3.5 mm aux wire and you are good to go.

Step 7: All Done

now you have a durable headphones which have good elasticity and now you don`t have to worry about your wire getting damaged as, you can replace your wire anytime you want, and you can use any 3.5 mm aux cable you wish to.

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