Retreading Your Lawn Mower Tires




Introduction: Retreading Your Lawn Mower Tires

With proper care and maintenance, a good lawn mower can last for decades. This means your machine will long outlast the tread on your tires, making your once self-propelled mower a push mower and making your job much harder. Here's a simple trick to retread your mower tires and keep your mower running like new. All you need is some basic tools and a used bicycle tire, which you can probably get from a local bike shop for free.

You can do the same thing with any solid tires.


Used bike tire


1/2" long Screws



Scissors or snips

Step 1: Prop Up the Mower and Measure the Tire

This whole thing is much easier with the rear tires off the ground, so prop up your mower. I used a stool.

You'll need to measure your tire. No need to get technical here. The easiest way is to wrap a string around the tire and then either cut it off or hold your thumb at the length once it is all the way around.

Step 2: Cut the Bicycle Tire

First, cut the tire to the length of the string. Then cut the sides off so the bicycle tread is the same width as your mower tire.

Step 3: Screw the Bicycle Tread on to the Mower Tire

Put two screws into the end of the tread to start. Then wrap the tread around the tire, putting in a few screws as you go to hold it tight. Once you get to the other end, trim any extra and add two more screws. I ended up with seven screws total: two on each end and three spaced out around the tire.

Step 4: Repeat for Second Tire and Get Mowing

Once both tires are retreaded you'll be amazed at how much better your mower pulls. If you live on a mountain, this is going to be very important. Of course, the next step is to find a gullible neighbor child who wants money more than free time and will mow your lawn for you.



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33 Discussions

My Toro Recycler 20331
came with rubber tires but now all they make is plastic tread tires for
it which wear out in 1 season (both OEM and aftermarket, they are all
plastic treads for my model). So I did this retread instead because rubber grips the
turf SO MUCH BETTER THAN PLASTIC TREAD. I have a bank to mow and a good
grip (which only rubber tread provides) is essential! If this
retread method cost me $100, I would still do it because it would keep
me safe on the bank and would work so much better. And if mounted to
the tire well enough it should last a long time and would save money in
the long run. So far it's been 2 seasons and still holding up well for me. But I used DAP Flexible CLEAR Sealant as a glue as well as screws and I also used the sealant to caulk around the edges of the tread to keep dirt out.

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I have found that a little bit of glue is a great addition to this retread.

My mower is front drive and I was worried the screws wouldn't be enough so I used contact cement and screws. I was concerned when sideways pressure was applied the tread would slip off. Mowed today with it and worked fine.

Great idea for larger tires, but 3 inch to 5 inch tires usually don't cost that much. Besides, extra rubber meeting any surface means extra friction as rolling resistance. There is already far too much rolling resistance in small tires.

Too much thought.... Self tapping screws would be all that's needed truthfully

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I had the same idea myself but was planning on gluing on the tires. Think I will use glue and screws.. Using string to measure is a great idea. I just need to find some good scissors or exacto to cut with..


Used mountain bike tires for my grandkids PowerWheel Car so he could ride in the yard and not the street.(too fast for street) was fun to do. The Dad sold it in garage sale last summer. Car was 4 years old when it sold. Love the DIY Re-Tread

Hardwood75 beat me to it. Powerwheels are *begging* for this treatment, as is my front wheel powered mower. Thanks!

A great use for old bicycle tires, and a neat solution to a vexing problem! Well done!

THIS is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. Kudos!

Im gonna do my hand trucks with this technique. thanks

Great idea! I'm going to use this on my kids powerwheels too.

Aerator tires? Put some big spikes on the tires. Solid fix idea though