[Reuse] Plastic Bag Dispenser



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Hi, everyone. In this instructables, I want to show you how to make plastic bag dispenser. It is good for environment because you can store your plastic bag, reuse it and become a person who participate to save our planet. Yeeayy..

Step 1: Preparation

All the materials needed to make this project are not difficult to find. You can use old stuff in your garage.

The materials :

  1. A plastic jar ( or anything else )
  2. Plastic bag
  3. Colored Paper ( optional for decorating )

Tools :

  • Just need your hands

Step 2: The Plastic Bags

What will you do with the plastic bags? Follow the steps below.

  1. Grab a dozen bags (or more) and flatten them out pushing all the air out.
  2. Fold them in half again pressing all the air out.
  3. Overlap the handles onto the top of the previous bag.Do this for all bags lining them all up into one big row.

  4. Fold the first bag’s handle upward. This will be your middle and the first bag you pull out of the container. All the other bags will be connected to this first one.

  5. Now tightly roll up your bags tucking in the new handles as you roll.

  6. After you roll up all bags, you are ready to insert them into your container.

Step 3: The Container

Take your container, take some colored paper, and playing with your creativity to make your container looks interesting, beautiful, and colorful. And then your Plastic bag dispenser is ready to be use.



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