Rival Cheerleader Costume

Okay, so I'm going to start off saying I'm new to Instructables.... I've tried to upload a few of my homemade ideas, but I have no idea if they are actually working (I know, I can make a lot of things, but I can't figure out a website!).  

That being said, this is my favorite halloween costume ever.  And it got amazing raves at all the parties!!  I think one of my favorite aspects is that (despite being ridiculously easy and cheap) it can be adjusted to fit just about anyone's needs.

So it may be a bit obvious that I'm a die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan.  I decided a few years ago that I would spoof our rival team's cheerleader, a team who was having a particularly rough year.   It was one of the few costumes where being a little over weight actually worked in my favor.  Since the team was taking a real beating on the field, I figured the cheerleaders would be a bit bruised as well.

First step was the makeup.  I used a $2 halloween makeup kit from the clearance rack for the black eye and the cut on the right cheek.  It was pretty much a paint-by-numbers job, copying a black eye and bruise I found on google image search.  Seriously, just google "black eye" and "road rash"... you'll find some great templates.  As a general rule, less is more.  Colors are much more realistic than darks... the old school black shoe polish is nice, but just not realistic.

I added a couple "road rash" burns to the inside of my nose and outside of my cheek (lightly pressing the thick-pore sponge that came with the kit on my face, don't smear or brush).  The black out teeth looked good from a distance.  This whole thing required no fake skin or clay appliqué or any other irritating details that are difficult to wear during a long night.  My guess would be that anyone with an extensive makeup drawer could do this for free.

For the rest of the makeup and hair, trashy is key.  I thought white lipstick with black lip liner worked well.  For hair I teased pigtails.  Then added super-hoop earrings for an extra kick of situation-inappropriate "low life".

The costume was the easiest and cheapest part.  I got a $4 Old Navy long sleeved tee in the right color, then added a felt sticker cut-out of the team logo that I cut from an online template of the logo... I just outlined the blue letter with yellow fabric paint.  The skirt was the only piece that actually cost "real" money, and I bought it online from a cheerleader outline store for about $20.

The shoes are matching yellow stilettos... with socks, for extra class.   I also wore pantyhose since it's cold here in October.  It made it easy to draw on trashy tattoos (i.e. "Go Blue").  

I apologize in advance to any fans of the Team Up North... but I assure you, just switching the colors makes it easy to adjust this to any team or sport you like!



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