Rocket Stove Manufacturing Waste 40 Minutes.



Introduction: Rocket Stove Manufacturing Waste 40 Minutes.

At a time when you had to use the stove, near rectangular pipes were made ​​of iron sheets, container and some of the same material. With these tubes was made rocket stove for 40 minutes.

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Step 1: Getting Started

First prepared container. For this side container cut a hole under the pipe.

Step 2: 2

Pipe cut the desired length. In that part, which will be located in the tank, made hole for the fire. Made of tin ash pit.

Step 3: Assembly.

Gathered all the stove rocket.

Step 4: Testing

Rocket stove has been successfully tested. Water began to boil for 5 minutes. Stove to work you need a little firewood. Lit a long time, gives a lot of heat. The stove was made for a single use, from waste material. She worked her, and I threw it away. Although it is quite efficient. For the manufacture of stoves used tools: 1) The angular-sander 2) Axe 3) Pin. Thank you all. :)

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