3D Printed Platic SRAM Cog Adaptors

Introduction: 3D Printed Platic SRAM Cog Adaptors

Designing special adaptors to be installed on SRAM 8 speed rear hubs to be used in the production of special vehicles for disabled people in order to gain special functionality.

These vehicles have a pilot and a client, and the double version has the extra functionality that it supports optional forced movement of the clients crank arms for training purposes.

The SRAM 7 speed gear hubs we have used up to now have been discontinued, and replaced by new very different 8 speed hubs. In order to have the special functionality we need for our vehicles, we had to make new adaptors, and because we were unable to get drawings from SRAM, and the actual measuring and tolerances were very difficult to do, it was very handy to have 3D plastic parts made to test the design prior to sending the parts into production.

This is the first time (but def. not the last!) we have used this method for our designs, sometimes if you have to rely on physical measurements on parts, this is a cheap and great way to test your design prior to actual production.

These adaptors are at the machine shop now, and will be made in stainless steel.

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